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The Kitchen

The well equipped kitchen, with a large refrigerator, six-burner stove and a host of small appliances, is where your cook prepares and cooks two meals for you a day. It will be stocked with the food and beverages you have ordered for your arrival. Each day, consult with the cook and select the meals you want from our extensive menu. She will purchase the food the following morning and bring it to the villa. She cooks and our houseman/concierge serves your breakfast, she preps the dinner meal while he does house maintenance and they usually go home for the afternoon. At about 4 pm, she and the houseman/concierge
return. He serves drinks on the pool deck at 4:30. The cook prepares and the houseman/concierge serves the evening meal that you have selected. Each day the cook will present you with the receipts for the food and drink you have ordered. It is best to settle up in pesos each day.


Features at a Glance

  • Large refrigerator
  • Six-burner gas range
  • A host of small appliances
  • Purified water
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