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The Gardens & The Beach

Follow the winding stairs down through gorgeous flower gardens with bananas, coconuts, limes and papayas in season. Stroll a few feet along a cobblestone path past our agave garden to our secluded sandy beach. Enjoy great snorkeling among the volcanic rocks in front of the beach. For a gentler beach, walk another 50 feet towards town and enjoy the shallow beach in front of the Lindomar resort. Or pack a picnic and follow the shoreline further towards town. Fishing in Puerto Vallarta MexicoYou will discover the Conchas Chinas beach, a perfect protected beach with easy access stairs and possibly a few souvenir peddlers.  Or, be picked up by your charter fishing or excursion boat right off your own beach.


Features at a Glance
  • Secluded sandy beach
  • Fantastic snorkeling among the
    volcanic rocks
  • Tropical flower gardens and
    agave plants
  • Tropical fruits in season
  • Tidal pool filled with little fishes, your own salt water aquarium!

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